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Many people go without healthcare...


they are uninsured.


they don’t have access to doctors and hospitals.


they have a hard time getting the care they need.


they simply can’t afford it. 

We Help to Solve That!

Your Donation Helps

$21 per month


$42 per month


$63 per month


$84 per month


We Are Here

Community clinics like ours are staffed by dedicated doctors and nurses who want to give back to their community, but without support from our donors, we wouldn't have the resources or tools they need to do this work well.

For the uninsured or underinsured, ignoring health problems could seriously affect their life. Without access to preventative care and regular check-ups, they may end up in our already overcrowded emergency rooms. Medical bills may pile up until they become overwhelming, and the stress of dealing with these issues may cause loss of sleep, or they may even stop eating properly. It's hard for people like this to get the help they need without worrying about how they'll pay for it later. We're facing a crisis of underfunded healthcare for people without insurance.

The Salvus Center was created to solve this problem by providing free and low-cost primary care services regardless of ability to pay, including physical exams, lab tests, x-rays, and treatment for common illnesses like colds and flu or bronchitis symptoms and reduced prices for prescription medicines.

By using a combination of donations from the community, government funding, and private foundations, we can provide low-cost medical treatment and prescription assistance programs for those who otherwise would not have access.


Our work has grown year after year, but so has the cost of providing care for those who cannot afford it on their own. The number of patients who are unable to afford basic healthcare is increasing every year. This problem is only getting worse, and without your help, there will be no way for us to continue providing free and low-cost health care in our community.

The uninsured in Sumner County is at 10.9% or close to 20,000 individuals and their families and this number is increasing year over year." -Jennifer Flanagan, CEO


When you donate just $21 each month (or more!), our clinic can continue providing primary medical services at a low cost for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to access them. Your monthly donation will allow us to keep our doors open and provide much-needed health care services in our community.

By donating today, you will be able to give someone a chance at better health and wellness. Your donation to Salvus Center will help support routine and extended medical procedures for the working uninsured patients we help in Sumner County, TN. Each donation received helps to provide everything from prescription assistance to routine checkups and hospitalization.

Only through your support can we continue helping patients in our community get back on track with regular medical care.

Please consider donating today so we can provide free and low-cost medical services in our community for years to come!

Your Donation Helps

The Salvus Center is a faith-based primary care health service that seeks to reclaim the Biblical and historical commitment to care for those who are sick and in need so they might experience wholeness, wellness, and healing. Our mission is to provide affordable medical services to the working uninsured of all faiths. We offer free or reduced-fee clinics to our patients!

Salvus Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Tax ID: 20-22-78505
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