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Sounds Like Greek To Me

What’s in a name? Salvus; what is that names about anyway? Sounds like Greek to me. Exactly. It is a derivative of a Greek word used in the Bible that means two things – healing and salvation. If you have not memorized our mission statement by now (you should, it’s a good one!), you can just remember our name to remember what we are about – healing and salvation. That is to say, we are about caring for the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of our patients. Healing and salvation.

We can administer treatment, but healing comes only from the creator of the creature. And so with salvation.The idea of salvation in the holy book of Christianity takes its root from the ancient concept of shalom. That word is often conceptualized by peace and it is that. But it is much broader than that. It is wholeness, fullness, wellness, and restoration of that creation. That is why we are “Partners in Health” as the second part of our name states. Partners with our patients but also partners with the healing force behind our care – the Creator of all health and restoration and wellness and wholeness.

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