Practicing Physicians

Salvus Center, Inc., operates like a primary care doctor’s office. We offer examinations, imaging procedures, and laboratory tests. The staff includes two (2) Supervising Physicians, one (1) full-time nurse practitioner, one (1) LPN and two (2MAsWe also work with specialty physicians who provide services to our patients both in the clinic and in their offices. The Salvus Center, Inc., is open five (5) days a week during hours that are convenient to most people’s schedules.

Complete the Physician Application and contact the Salvus Center to schedule an appointment to meet with Jennifer Wright, Office Manager or

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Desired Specialties include…

Wound Care

Medical assistance for wound treatment, management and healing.


Kidney specialists for patients with hypertension, kidney disease or failure.


For neural treatments of the brain, spinal chord, nerves and muscles.


General and cardiac surgeons needed for our clinical / medical space.


Treatments and healing of bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles.

Imaging & Lab

Imaging and laboratory technicians assistance for X-rays, ultrasounds and other exams.

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