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What Was, Is And Yet To Be

What an amazing journey these past 11+ years have been in the ‘pregnancy’, delivery, birth and maturing of the Salvus Center. What started as a concern for those falling through the cracks of our medical system in our county and the “calling” of those who would invest their time, talents and resources to make it happen through God’s provisions, the dream of healthcare for the working uninsured has not only come to fruition, but has thrived despite adversities and challenges along the way. Our partners – including dedicated Board members, faithful and supportive hospitals, referral medical specialists, generous pharmacies, foundations and grant providers, faith communities, civic organization and leaders, individual supporters and dedicated staff have filled the needs of providing quality health care to those who work or live in our county: our neighbors. But challenges remain. Health care for all is not on the immediate horizon and attempts to deal with this presently are falling short and the future is unknown. We are committed to continue to provide as we are able as long as our “partners” and quality staff remain faithful and supportive. As challenges come andgo, change is the only constant. Yours truly, the Medical Director, is at a point of change as well, particularly since recently passing the 40 year mark of serving the sick. Yet sometimes one must leave the old behind in order to make room for the new – new leadership, new models of
care – yet maintaining the mission of what was, presently is, and yet to be – caring for those in need so they can experience healing, wholeness and wellness. I will be retiring in the near future when all our new medical personnel/ providers are in place though never abandoning a love and dedicated support to the mission of Salvus. I pray you – our faithful supporters –will continue as well so the mission of Salvus Center will grow and thrive through the changes ahead.

Rev. Dr. Ted Hill

Ted Hill, MD
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